Automotive PCB Assembly

Automotive PCB Assembly

Automotive PCB Assembly

The Automotive industry develops a thousand miles, the Automotive is the modern life indispensable transportation tool, its development and the use greatly accelerates the human life rhythm.For other industrial development role, the Automotive as the final mechanical products, its production and application is closely connected with other design, manufacturing industry, the human demand for Automotives, to promote the Automotive industry rapid development also drive the other industry.Basically, no industry has nothing to do with Automotives, and the Automotive has become a symbol of modern material civilization and progress and a representative of civilization.

Automotive electronic products contain: audio, car entertainment systems, GPS, car DVD, alarm, the mirror, cameras, headrest monitor, car CD, car MP3, car power, charging car, car heating cushion, car massage cushion, car massage cushions, car navigation, vehicle traveling data recorder, car speakers, car universal charger, optics, reversing radar and so on.

Automotive PCB Assembly Manufacturing

There are two types of classification:
The Automotive electronic control device of Automotive electronic control device should be combined with the mechanical system of the Automotive, which is called “electromechanical union”.They include engine, chassis, body electronic control.For example, electronic fuel injection system, braking anti-lock control, anti-skid control, traction control, electronic control suspension, electronic control automatic transmission, electronic power steering, etc.
The other category is the on-board car electronic device, which can be used independently in the Automotive environment. It has no direct relation with the performance of the Automotive itself.They include Automotive information systems (i.e. driving computers), navigation systems, car audio and video entertainment systems, vehicle-mounted communication systems, and internet-connected devices.

In terms of automotive industry,there are highly strict requirements of PCB Manufacturing,KingSong have many years’ experiences in automotive PCB Fabrication,especially on process control of thermal, resistence, safety, solidity etc.

Quality PCBs we provide are applied in many Automotive application, advanced Automotive PCB manufacturing and Automotive PCB Assembly facilities, sophisticated experiences and perfect management enable us to offer outstanding services to a variety of customers.

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