China’s rapid development in semiconductor, China quickly became the world’s largest LED PCB manufacturing country, in the metal circuit board industry, there have also been a lot of exciting news, we believe there will be a higher development in 2018.

LED PCB Manufacturer

There are many types of LED Light ,for example,like some as following:
1.LED light box          2.LED light bar
3.LED work light       4.LED panel light
5.LED down light      6.LED Tube light
7.LED Bulb light        8.LED Strip light
9.LED lamp light       10.LED Spot Light

LED pcb Application:
1. Audio equipment: input, output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, etc.
2.Power equipment, switching regulator “DC/AC converter” SW regulator, etc.
3.Communication electronic equipment: high frequency increase ” filtering electrical” transmitting circuit.
4.Office automation equipment, motor drives, etc.
5.Automobile, electronic regulator “igniter” power controller, etc.
6.Computer: CPU board “diskette drive” power supply device, etc.
7.Power module, inverter “solid relay” rectifier bridge, etc.

Best LED PCB boards

KingSong is professionally manufacturing LED PCB,we don’t sell LED Lamp.but we strongly support for LED industry,including production and sales of PCB, PCBA complete product processing, sales, and so on.We can offer all kinds of LED PCB product,for High Power LED of the Aluminum base PCB, Copper base PCB,Ceramic base PCB, for low-power LED of the FR4 PCB, High Temperature PCB. As the Aluminum base PCB of good thermal performance, High-Power LED products most commonly used Aluminum Base PCB.

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