Industrial PCB Assembly

Industrial PCB Assembly

Industrial PCB Assembly

Manufacturing industry in our country still has great room to improve degree of automation, industrial control industry demand expansion, China’s industrial automation level still has large space, in addition to the industrial robots in the future will be a wide range of use, in order to realize the process automation, industrial control products such as servo system long-term growth trend is clear.

PMI and manufacturing fixed asset investment growth continued to improve, and industrial control industry recovery is expected to be maintained for a long time.The downstream product market of industrial control industry is divided into OEM market and project market, and OEM proportion is gradually improved.OEM market is mainly the equipment market, such as machine tools, packaging machinery and electronic manufacturing equipment.The project type market refers to the engineering market, which mainly includes petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical power and public facilities.In recent years, the market share of OEM market share has been increasing, and the OEM market share has reached 50% in 2016.We believe that with the rapid development of the downstream industries such as 3C manufacturing, the proportion of industrial control products in the OEM industry is expected to increase further.

In 2016, the OEM market is growing by 6%, and the rapid development of electronic manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, packaging equipment and other industries is expected to drive the continuous growth of OEM market.In 2016, the electronic manufacturing equipment increased by more than 20%, and the textile, plastic, food, packaging, printing, air conditioning, elevator and so on all had good growth.With the rapid development of electronic manufacturing equipment, medical equipment and other downstream industries, the share of industrial control products in OEM market is expected to expand further.

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The market demand growth is slowing down, and the major industries with large share of industrial control products in the project type are chemical, electric power, municipal and public facilities, etc. The industrial control products range widely, mainly including the following products:
PLC, DCS, PAC, industrial control, integrated control, industrial, SCADA and automation software, information technology, human-computer interface, fieldbus and industrial Ethernet and wireless communication, low voltage inverter, high voltage frequency converter, motor control, mechanical transmission, motor, machine vision, sensors, field instruments, display control instruments, analysis instrument, actuators, low voltage electrical appliances, electrical connections, dish cabinet, power supply and so on.

Industrial control refers to industrial automation control, mainly using electronic, electrical, mechanical and software combination.It is Factory control, or Factory Automation control.It mainly refers to the use of computer technology, microelectronic technology and electrical means to make the production and manufacturing process of the factory more automatic, efficient and accurate, and it has controllable and visibility.

The industrial control industry is mainly divided into six parts, among which the control system occupies the highest market share of the whole industrial control industry.Generally, industrial control can be summarized into six parts: control system, drive system, motion control, actuator, feedback mechanism and others.

The control system has the highest share of the total industrial control industry, reaching 31.70%.According to the market scale, the market share of the control system is the highest, accounting for 31.70%, followed by the driving system, accounting for 24%, and the remaining portion is relatively close to the market share.

The market share of domestic brands will gradually increase, and import substitution will be a long-term trend.Domestic industrial control industry started relatively late, the domestic all industrial control product development process is the process of import substitution, in recent years, our country home automation products price high sexual price advantages of market share rising steadily, 2016 domestic brands automation products in China market share has reached 35%.

With the continuous development of industrial Internet and industrial Internet of things technology, industrial control industry is gradually becoming intelligent.The development of industrial control intellectualization also ushered in the subversion of the traditional personalized, differentiated market demand.On the road to differentiate competition, it is also experiencing a transformation from selling products to selling services and solutions.Industry solutions, integrated solutions at present has become a hot spot in the top industrial control manufacturers are following, through continuous emphasis on and strengthen its system integration and integrated service competition ability, to win market share.

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Industrial electronics is an industry that is witnessing immense growth.This’s because of the demand for electronic products of high quality for various of Industrial applications.The demand for Industrial products also results in a higher demand for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and Industrial PCB Assembly to support Industrial equipment.As they will be used in multiple equipment, the Industrial PCBs need to be manufactured to exact specifications to meet all your application requirement. KingSong provide printed circuit boards and Industrial PCB Assembly to meet the needs of industrial applications.

KingSong has been providing Industrial PCB and Industrial PCB Assembly services for over ten years,we can provide you with standard and custom PCBs built to your specifications.We offer within the quality and fastest delivery time services.If you have any queries about our printed circuit board and Industrial PCB Assembly for industrial product applications, feel free to contact us.You can send an email at

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