Lighting PCB Assembly

Lighting PCB Assembly

Lighting PCB Assembly

Light, there is such magic, let the human be not afraid to persevere in the pursuit of its long road.Lamp, lit the way forward for us, say goodbye to the darkness, let the night become more comfortable, beautiful and safe, in light with the light of the world, through continuous improvement, people light became the perfect combination of science and art.

Lighting has experienced the development from fire and oil to electricity.Lighting has experienced numerous changes, appeared the torches, candles, kerosene lamps to incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, development to a wide variety of lighting lamps, energy-saving lamps, chandeliers, landscape lamp, heating, navigation lights, lights, lights, small night light, printing lamp, sterilization lamp, raise lamp, etc.

The history of the development of the lamp is a testimony to the history of human civilization. This is also a history of pursuing light.

Lighting (led pcb) is the use of various light sources to illuminate work and living areas or individual objects. The use of sun and sky light is called “natural light”; artificial light is called “artificial lighting.” The primary purpose of lighting is to create good visibility and a pleasant and pleasant environment.

Interior design lighting is a professional design of illumination, color temperature and color index of various architectural environments.It should not only meet the requirement of indoor “brightness”, but also play the role of environment and atmosphere.Generally, it is required by the interior architect, and the electrical engineer is responsible for accounting and adjustment.It also refers to a state in which a light illuminates or is illuminated by a lamp.

Lighting design should be people-oriented, but must first consider security and practicability, and intensity of illumination requirements, installation, maintenance, finally combining humanistic ideas, a good design of lamps and lanterns, must be very important,so the quality of lighting led pcb is also important.

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Lighting is the use of artificial light or natural light to provide people enough illuminance (general lighting), or provide a good recognition (road lighting, advertising signs, etc.), the characteristics of stress (building lighting, accent lighting, etc.), or to create comfortable light environment (residential lighting, etc.), create a special atmosphere, etc) (commercial stage lighting, and other special purpose (chemical, biological, medical, plant cultivation, etc.).

Lighting can be divided into general lighting, general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting.
Its applicable principles shall comply with the following provisions:
1. General lighting should be used when it is not suitable to install local lighting or when mixed lighting is not reasonable.
2. When a working area needs to be higher than the general illumination, the general lighting can be used.
3. It is advisable to use mixed lighting for places where illumination requirements are high, work location density is not high, and general lighting is not reasonable.
4. Local lighting shall not be installed in a working place.

Lighting types can be divided into: normal lighting, emergency lighting, on-duty lighting, security lighting and obstacle lighting.Where emergency lighting includes standby lighting, safe lighting and evacuation lighting, the applicable principles shall meet the following requirements:
1. When normal lighting is extinguished due to failure, spare lighting shall be installed for places where normal work or activities are to be ensured.
2. When normal lighting is extinguished due to failure, safe lighting shall be installed in places where people need to ensure the safety of personnel in danger;
3. When normal lighting is extinguished due to failure, the exit and passageway to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel shall be installed, and evacuation lighting shall be installed;
4. The on-duty lighting shall use part or all of the emergency lighting that can be controlled separately in normal lighting;
5. Guard lighting shall be installed within the guard’s scope as required;
6. The installation of obstacle lighting shall strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the aviation or transportation departments of the region.

Lighting PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Green lighting refers to through the science of lighting design, the use of high efficiency, long life, safe and stable performance lighting electrical products, improve the conditions of the people work, study and life is closely related to the household life and quality of green lighting, it not only green environmental, economical and practical, the most important is energy efficient, the widespread use of green lighting will greatly improve people household environment.

Semiconductor LED lighting, also known as solid-state lighting, is another light source revolution after incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps.Because of energy conservation and environmental protection, long life and wide application, as an important field of energy conservation and environmental protection industry.As technology constantly breakthroughs, energy-saving effect of the emerging, the continuous expansion of industries and applications continue to expand, in the field of LED lighting energy saving industry in China has entered a critical period of development, should be an orderly guide to the industry, promote the healthy development of the LED lighting energy saving industry, promote the green lighting project, achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction.

LED lighting products has become the development direction of the next generation of new light source, LED lighting energy saving industry in China has formed a relatively complete industrial chain and certain industrial scale, have a good base for the development, has become a global LED lighting industry one of the fastest growing regions.

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