Quickturn Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

  • Brand Name: KingSong/Customized
  • Min.Order Quantity: No
  • Supply Ability: 30~50 thousand ㎡/Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Service: EMS/OEM/ODM
  • Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal,WU etc.
  • Layer: 6
  • Base Material: FR4 + Polyimide
  • Copper Thickness: 1oz
  • Board Thickness: 1.2mm
  • Solder Mask Color: Green & yellow cover film
  • Silkscreen Color: White
  • Surface Finishing: ENIG
  • Test Way: 100% E-Test
  • Standard: IPC-Class2
  • Describe

    Welcome to KingSong PCB Technology

    Image:Quickturn Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

    Quickturn Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer


    Physical properties of Quickturn Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

    Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board is different from the original soft plate and hard board in the material, equipment and process.In terms of material, hard material the FR4 is PCB material, such as the flexible board material is PI or PET class material, There is a problem that the bonding between the two materials and the shrinkage rate of the hot press are difficult, and the stability of the Quickturn Rigid-Flex PCBs product is a difficult point. Moreover, due to the characteristics of the three-dimensional space configuration, in addition to the stress in the XY plane, the Z axis Orientation stress is also an important consideration, there are currently material suppliers of rigid pcb board or flexible pcb manufacturers, to provide soft and hard board with modified materials such as epoxy (Epoxy) or modified resin (Resin), etc. Material to meet the rigid pcb board or flexible pcb board bonding problems.

    In terms of equipment, because of the difference between the material properties and the Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Board product specifications, the soft and hard bonding plates must be corrected in the press-fitting and copper-plating parts. The application of the equipment will affect the yield and stability of the products. Therefore, Before the Rigid Flexible Circuits Manufacturer must first consider the application of equipment.

    1.Detail Flex / Rigid-flex PCB Manufacturing Capacities:

    No. Item Description
    1 Layer Flex board: 1-6Layers
    Flex-Rigid Board: 2-8Layers
    2 Material CCL, PI, PET, PEN, FR-4
    3 Final Thickness Flex board: 0.002″ – 0.1″ (0.05-2.5mm)
    Flex-rigid board: 0.0024″ – 0.16″ (0.06-4.0mm)
    4 Surface Treatment Lead-free: ENG Gold; OSP, Immersion silver, Immersion Tin
    5 Min Trace Inner: 0.5oz: 4/4mil  Outer: 1/3oz-0.5oz: 4/4mil
    6 Min Width /Clearance 1oz: 5/5mil      1oz: 5/5mil
    2oz: 5/7mil      2oz: 5/7mil
    7 Min Hole Ring Inner: 0.5oz: 4mil     Outer: 1/3oz-0.5oz: 4mil
    1oz: 5/5mil      1oz: 5/5mil
    2oz: 5/7mil      2oz: 5/7mil
    8 Copper Thickness 1/3oz – 2oz
    9 Max / Min Insulation Thickness 2mil/0.5mil (50μm/12.7μm)
    10 Min Hole Size and Tolerance Min hole: 8mil
    Tolerance: PTH±3mil, NPTH±2mil
    11 Min Slot 24mil x 35mil (0.6×0.9mm)
    12 Solder Mask Alignment Tolerance ±3mil
    13 Silkscreen Alignment Tolerance ±6mil
    14 Silkscreen Line Width 5mil
    15 Gold Plating Nickel: 100μ” – 200μ”  Gold: 1μ”-5μ”
    16 Immersion Nickel / Gold Nickel: 100μ” – 200μ”  Gold: 1μ”-5μ”
    17 Nickel: 100μ” – 200μ”  Gold: 1μ”-5μ” Silver: 6μ” – 12μ
    18 OSP Film: 8μ” – 20μ”
    19 Test Voltage Testing Fixture: 50-300V
    20 Profile Tolerance of Punch Accurate mould: ±2mil
    Ordinary mould: ±4mil
    Knife mould: ±8mil
    Hand-Cut: ±15mil

    2.Delivery time:
    Flexible pcb:5-7 working days,
    Rigid-flex pcb:8-15 working days.

    3.Package:Inner vacuum packing,Outer standard carton box packing.

    A:By DHL,UPS,Fedex,TNT etc.
    B:By sea for mass quantity according to customer’s requirement.

    5.If need quotation for your PCB projects,pls provide following info:
    A:Quote quantity,
    B:Gerber file in 274-x format,
    C:Technical requirement or parameters(material,layer,copper thickness,
    board thickness,surface finishing,solder mask/silkscreen color…)

    If any inquiry or want to learn more,please send email to us freely or chat by online system,thanks for your support in advance!