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Elektronikk Produsent Tjenester

KingSong Technology offers total solution to customer’s manufacturing needs. Our customers mainly including companies from consumer, security and safety, industrial, medical, Network, Automation, measurement and counter device sectors. Some products we made are often requested to operate in harsh or hostile environments when quality and reliability are critical.

Tjenester vi tilbyr:

Rapid PCB prototyping /PCBA prototypes
Mass PCB (printed circuit board) fabrication
Sourcing of customer designed components
IC burning and pre-programing
Soldering paste SMT stencils
Electronic parts DIP (trough hole)/SMT (surface mount) PCB board Assembling
Wiring and Cabling assemble
Final assembly all parts
E-test,AOI,X-ray,Function testing
Environmental coating and packaging
Logistic arrange for import and export from China

Quote krav (for PCB eller PCBA Monterings prosjekter):

1.Gerber fil eller PCB-fil for Bare PCB Board Production.
2.Bom List (Bill av komponenter) for Assembly, PNP (Pick og Place fil) med hver Components posisjon.
3.PCB Antall & Parametere
(inkludert materiale, lag, kobber tykkelse, platetykkelse, overflatebehandling, loddetinn maske / silke farge ...)
4.Bom Listen bør nevne detaljert informasjon for hver type componnets
(inkludert Antall, Ref nr, verdi , Package, beskrivelse, leverandør eller leverandør Ref osv ...)
5.Testing Verktøy og guide Testing eller metode.


1.PCB produksjon evner:

PCB produksjon evner

2.Flexible / Rigid-flex PCB Manufacturing Capacities:

Flexible Rigid-flex PCB Manufacturing Capacities

3.PCB Assembly arbeidsplassen og kapasiteter:

PCB Assembly Kapasiteter

If any demand of PCB or PCB Assembly projects,welcome to send your design files and requirement to us anytime at for rask pristilbud innen 1-24 timer.

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