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Производство печатных плат

Производство печатных плат

Производство печатных плат

KingSong Technology specialized and professional in providing печатных плат производства  услуг. Мы могли бы поддерживать разнообразное печатную плату производственного service from Single layer to 36 Multi-Layers to meet all your different PCB requirements.

As one of the most Competitive PCB Supplier in China, we are continuing to offer high-level printed circuit boards for customers come from different electronics industry. Our PCB Factory has most advanced equipment, highly skilled and experience personnel, efficient processes-our PCB manufacturing processes and operations in accordance to ISO/TS standards and are compliant with the IPC standard of printed circuit boards(PCB), which is the assurance to provide customer good quality PCB circuit board.

PCB на рабочем месте


PCB Manufacturing Capabilities:
Single layer to 36 Multi-layers advanced circuits
3 mil / 3mil line trace and space
Smallest hole size of 0.1mm
Heavy copper to 12oz
Blind vias and buried vias, HDI,via in pad,half holes,
FR4, High-Tg,Polyimide,Rogers, Isola, PFTE, Kapton etc.
High Tg, High frequency, Impendence Control
Rigid PCB, flex FPC, Metal core PCB, Multilayer PCB,Ceramic,PCBA etc.
Ultra-thin & Thick, Small & Big size
Immersion Gold, HASL ,OSP etc different finishing
Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, White,Purple solder mask

Diverse PCB Manufacture:
Mass PCB production             PCB Prototype
Quick Turn PCB                      Rigid PCB
Flexible PCB                           Rigid-Flex PCB
LED PCB                                Metal Core PCB
Aluminum Base PCB              Copper Base PCB
Double Sided                          Multi layer PCB
High Tg PCB                          High Frequency
Heavy Copper                      HDI PCB
Rogers PCB                           Isola PCB
RF PCB                                  Ceramic PCB

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