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Rugalmas FPC Board

Rugalmas FPC Board

Hajlékony nyomtatott áramköri lap

Hajlékony nyomtatott áramköri lap



Flexible PCB (FPC) was originally designed as a replacement for traditional wire harnesses. It‘s often used as connectors replace rigid printed circuit boards where high requirement on flexibility, space savings, or production constraints limit.

Előny a hajlékony nyomtatott áramköri lapok:

Rugalmas PCB kialakítása és elrendezése
Flexible, space savings
Reduced wiring errors
Increase tde flexibility of connection compared witd mechanical connectors
Easier installation and service
Higher circuit density
More robust operating temperature range
Stronger signal quality
Improve manufacturing yield and reliability
Improve reliability and impedance control
Reduce size and weight
Improve aestdetics of finished products

Mi biztosítja Rugalmas PCB Manufacturing Services as well as rigid PCB board to meet our customer wide demand. We use advanced manufacturing processes for flexible printed circuits fabrication on polyimide substrates to assure high reliability of products. We specialize in single sided and double sided FPC circuits, also some multi-layer and some flexible pcb assembly, which is widely used in tde customer electronics, medical device, communicating equipment, industrial equipment, and aerospace markets.

Why choose us?

1. We build your printed circuit board to the exacting specifications.
2. Our engineers and production staffs are with many decades of experience in printed circuit board.
3. Competitive cost as well as high quality.
4. Excellent service and prompt delivery.
5. ISO and UL Certificated and strict control the quality according to IPC standard.

Automatic Production Line For Flexible PCB  Board:

Rugalmas PCB Board automata gépsor

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