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Hvorfor KING-PCB

Hvorfor KING-PCB

1.Reliable PCB manufacturing in China

Many of our customers told us that the most important reason they cooperate with us and recommend us to their partners or friends is our reliability. They are assured and keep peace to make their PCB Boards in our company.

2.Competitive cost for PCB manufacturing

We offer high quality customized PCB Boards with reasonable cost and best service, because we know the cost is very important to a product’s success. We have cost control for each process in order to provide reasonable PCB cost for our customers.

3.High quality printed circuit boards offer

Our high quality PCBs not only come out from the raw material we choose, and also advanced equipment we use, process control we follow, qualified management comply with and all our professionals we have.

4.Services more than printed circuit board manufacturing

Except Printed Circuit Boards(PCB) manufacturing, we offer also PCB assembly, and PCB Prototype,Mass PCB production,Rigid PCB,Flexible PCB,Rigid-Flex PCB,LED PCB,Metal Core PCB,Aluminum Base PCB,Double Sided,Multi-layer PCB,High Tg PCB,HDI PCB,Ceramic PCB,Rogers PCB,Isola PCB,Laser Stencil Service etc. All we strive to extend our PCB is to save time and money for you and provide more comprehensive service for you.

5.Fast goaround and quick responses

We provide fast goaround PCB services and quick responses for PCB Board inquiry.

6.Free DFM PCB design checking

We have professional engineering team to provide full engineering support for customers. Free DFM helps to save cost and reduce potential problem during PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturing.

Hvorfor KING-PCB

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